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Hair Density Enhancement

Stay Confident.

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Meet Sherry

Master Trained SMP Artist

Hair loss is rough.  I was looking for a solution to my own thinning hair around my hairline and could only find powders, lotions, snake oils, wigs, or expensive and painful surgery.  Surgery was a definite NO for me and the potions and powders washed away in the beach water, blew away in the wind, or dripped down my face in the rain.  So embarrassing.  Finally, I found SMP (scalp micropigmentation) where the results were immediate and gave the look of more dense, full hair.  It made such a difference for me that I sought out training from the BEST in the business, SMP Ink in Las Vegas.  I am a master trained, dual certified SMP artist ready to help you renew your hairline and your confidence.  
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Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about scalp micropigmentation, any of our other services,  or would like to schedule a free consultation.


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